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Fetal Pulse Oximetry Measurement

  • Reference: OBS-500 / OBS-900

  • OBS measures fetal pulse oximetry and has objective, continuous measurements and early parameters.


    The OBS 900 OPF probes connected and associated with the OBS 500 monitor provide information on fetal saturation (FspO2) and fetal pulse.

    The OBS-900 sensor is an intrauterine device designed to minimize the risk of fetal trauma. It has the shape of a flexible and thin spatula so as to minimize pressure points. The OBS-900 fetal oxygen sensor does not transmit any heat to either the mother or the fetus. The oxygen saturation sensor contains two types of LEDs, each of which emits light of a specific wavelength. Since oxygenated hemoglobin and hemoglobin absorb light selectively and predictably, the amounts of these two substances can be determined by measuring the intensity of each wavelength that passes through the measurement site. The positioning indicators are printed on the side of the sensor opposite to that of the active part (where monitoring takes place). Accordingly, the printed side of the sensor should be visible (and opposite that facing the fetus).

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