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Who we are

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About us

PROTHIA has made it its mission to listen to you, clinicians, healthcare personnel, users of its devices or who may be required to do so. Its role will then be to offer you the products and services that will be useful to you and to design and manufacture systems and devices whose purpose will be to help you.

To do this, PROTHIA must constantly improve for you.

Founded in 1981 by Brian Spear, PROTHIA mainly specializes in the fields of pneumology, cardiology, perinatology, rehabilitation.  

Our teams are at your service. We show you how our products and services can meet your needs. We organize trials and presentations and then train you in the use of our devices and equipment. We install, maintain and repair our equipment.

PROTHIA relies on a global network of partners including recognized suppliers and subcontractors in order to constantly improve our services and products for 40 years.

Our portfolio of products, patents and projects focuses on medical applications and relies on the skills of our partners. ISO 13485: 2016 certification guarantees our lifelong commitment: to meet the expectations of our customers.

Concerned about ecology and the environment, PROTHIA makes every effort to fully integrate the environment into its “Best Practices” and concerns. Manufacturing process, materials and transport, our employees treat these subjects with the greatest attention; risk analysis, car fleets, fully hybrid and electric, upgrading of rehabilitation systems, 10 years minimum repairability.

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