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Uterine ballon tamponade

  • Reference: BTC-ESY

  • The BTC-ESY has a "  Pear  anatomical. It allows simplified filling by means of an intermediate valve and non-return system.


    The BTC Hemostatic Balloon is a soft silicone balloon tamponade catheter that provides direct pressure to control postpartum hemorrhage. The BTC hemostatic balloon has a lumen for intrauterine blood drainage that allows timely confirmation of the effectiveness of tamponade. The intrauterine drainage port is flush with the top of the inflated balloon (no tubing protruding from the balloon) allowing placement close to the uterine fundus. Check valves and other kit components are included to simplify and speed up the inflation process. The BTC-ESY also features a fast and efficient fill lane system; without disconnecting the syringe. A variant without this filling system is available under the reference BTC-100.

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