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Complete implantable pleural and peritoneal drainage kit

  • Reference: R54400-16-MT

  • Complete pleural and peritoneal drainage kit allowing easy and secure implantation and offering real patient comfort. It can be connected to the pleural and peritoneal drainage care kit and the facility wall suction.


    The IPC Indwelling Pleural and Peritoneal Catheter Insertion Kit with Metal Tunneler is indicated for the long-term intermittent drainage of symptomatic, recurrent pleural and peritoneal effusions. Including malignant pleural, peritoneal effusions that do not respond to medical treatment of the underlying disease.


    This Rocket IPC drain offers an alternative long-term method for the treatment of pleural and peritoneal ascites allowing patients to benefit from home care.


    This complete kit has the elements necessary for the implantation of the pleural and peritoneal drainage catheter as well as additional utensils which will facilitate the insertion of this catheter and the surgical procedure. An intermediate drainage line is also present inside this implantable kit and allows a connection of the IPC drain to the wall suction of the establishment.


    The catheter can be used for both pleural and peritoneal implantation.


    To access our pleural and peritoneal drainage accessories click here.

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