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Hysterosalpingography & Sonography – HSG

  • Reference : R57422 / R57424

  • The HSG and Sonography kits have many utensils to facilitate the act. Catheters can be 5 Fr or 7 Fr.


    HSG and HyCoSy catheters provide safe and efficient uterine passage for contrast hysterosalpingography and hysterosonography.


    Kits include:

    • An HSG catheter and HyCoSy
    • Removable insertion guide
    • Pre-attached syringe
    • Protective cover for balls


    HSG and HyCoSy catheters have the following features:

    • Latex-free balloon anchors the catheter and provides a contrast seal

    • Smooth tip, low profile balloon ensures low insertion and removal trauma – ideal for nulliparous cervix

    • Removable insertion guide to facilitate insertion into the retroverted or anteverted cervix.

    • Compatible with aqueous contrast media.

    5 French diameter catheter - Reference: R57422

    7 French diameter catheter – Reference: R57424

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