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Single or multi-polar electrodes equipped with an attachment point

  • Reference: 53220CBTZ/PROTHIA / 53220CBT/PROTHIA / 53220CBTL/PROTHIA

  • Single or multi-polar electrodes with different shapes of attachment points. They can connect to all types of stimulators. They are appreciated for their finesse, their ease of installation and removal. They can be custom configured.


    Myopace myocardial electrodes are intended for temporary pacing after heart surgery. They are sterile, disposable, latex-free, unipolar, bipolar or quadripolar and made of a multi-strand insulated wire (blue or white color) whose ends are attached to the needle of the thorax and the needle of the heart. The range of electrodes offers several solutions that differ in the shape of the attachment surface. The stimulating surface can be toothed, straight, zigzag, hook or loop. They also have the advantage of being efficient.

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