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Pleural Vent

  • Reference: R54565

  • Easy to use, autonomous and secure, the Pleural Vent promotes ambulatory care and reduces hospitalization time for patients suffering from pneumothorax.


    The Pleural Vent is a self-contained device for the treatment of pneumothorax on an outpatient basis. It can be used with spontaneous or iatrogenic primary pneumothorax and allows the patient to return home quickly with full mobility during treatment. The Pleural Vent participates in the resorption of the pneumothorax by the mechanical action of breathing.


    The Pleural Vent features an 8 French catheter pre-mounted on a retractable needle, diaphragm (indicator), built-in dressing, one-way valve, filter, side drains, a 26mL reservoir and a port allowing the drainage of liquids.


    The kit includes the following ancillary items: fenestrated drapes, syringes, needles, needle rests, stopper, scalpel, cap, betadine jar and foams for betadine application.


    The installation and operation of the Pleural Vent is facilitated thanks to the color code connecting the catheter to the case and the oscillation of the diaphragm (visible to the naked eye).


    The Pleural Vent can also be connected to the wall suction of the establishment thanks to the presence of the suction line present inside the kit. This can be ordered individually if needed.


    Device resistant to water and visible under x-ray.


    The Pleural Vent is an innovative, easy-to-use medical device that provides real patient comfort and thus relieves congestion in hospital departments.


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